What We Do… And Don’t Do

Source code on computer screen

As a company that has been around since the early days of the world wide web, we had to re-invent ourselves a few times. And focus our business on different markets and technologies, from Web development, Flash animations, HTML email design and eCommerce to software application design, database development, consultation, Information Architecture and more.

In the beginning, we thought we could do it all. But technologies came and went, feature requests grew and complexities became unwieldy. So we decided early on to limit our service offerings and focus on those technologies that we felt most comfortable with.

We don’t want to be the ‘Jack of all trades.’ We focus on what we do best, instead.

At this point, that has boiled down to custom theme design and development for websites based on WordPress and Shopify – both well suited for eCommerce – as well as HTML email design and development. As part of our website development we include basic Search Engine Optimization, to the point where our client only has to worry about the content of their website.

Of course, we have amassed wide ranging knowledge of online marketing techniques and help set up of google webmaster accounts, prepare sitemaps, connect websites to facebook accounts (for tracking and cross-marketing) and other third-party software and technologies in order to provide a turn-key solution to our clients’ internet presence.

However, we rarely service clients that already have their website up and running, their email campaigns in order and just need to market their products, services or website. To us, that’s the next step of running a business and that’s not the business we’re in.