SEO success!

animation of google search results

That’s right. Just a few weeks after my original post about our starting with SEO again, I can report a resounding success of our initial campaign: ranks #2-4 for keywords “web development Los Angeles” (without quotes!).

Please note that the results shown above the callout box are ads. So in this case, searching from a New York City location, we come up as #2. Great.

I started this campaign by optimizing our codebase – although I never reached a rating better than 90 on google’s “page speed insight” tool. In fact, mobile speed rating is around 66-70. That’s most likely because I’m a bit lazy in optimizing the third-party theme that I’ve used as the basis for this website. But, you see, we still perform just fine.

We also set up a google ads campaign. After spending about $500 we received a handful of leads – we set as a goal the use of our contact form – although only one or two actual projects may come out of it. Still, I’m hopeful that the investment will be returned and, more importantly, I’m convinced that paying for google ads will also affect organic results. Sure, google will make NO claims about that and “I don’t know it for a fact, I just know it’s true”


Worth noting also is the fact that it took over three months to get to this point. We did see initial improvements within a few weeks and then steady inclines in our ranking.

As I mentioned before, there is no magic to our SEO work. We simply follow common sense and best practices, making sure the content is relevant. And by now you know that truly am a web developer in Los Angeles and do web design in Los Angeles. You see, I placed these keywords here because I would like to increase our ranking for “Web Design Los Angeles” as well. And while I might be “stuffing” those keywords here a little, it also showcases the first rule of SE): the keywords for which you want to be ranked MUST appear in your website in the first place. That seems painfully obvious but you’d be surprised to find out how many clients have come to me asking to rank for keywords “whatever” but do not include that very keyword even ONCE on their website!

I’ll be sure to update this space in a few months as we continue to track our website’s ranking.