Shou Sugi Ban House

Shou Sugi Ban House Retreats - callouts

Shou Sugi Bun House is a retreat center in Long Island, NY, and offers custom programming in an enchanting environment for the discerning guest.

Armed with designs by Amy Risley Studio, we set out to build the site based on Wordpress, partly because of the requirements of a custom Calendar.

While we settled for a third-party plugin, The Events Calendar, we ended up customizing the monthly calendar view interface heavily to meet the client's needs

The resort offers different types of events, some of which are repeating on a weekly basis.

Before enabling on online reservation system – or integrating their on-site system – we decided to customize a simple contact form to include event-specific data, even for recurring events.

Our approach of "walk before you run" worked for our client. We could have invested heavily in a specific online reservation system but – for a start-up – it may be beneficial to gain experience from actual usage of the website and reservation process before settling on one specific system.

We relied on custom javascript to enable in-page and cross-page animations, subtle interactivity and provide a smooth user experience.

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