Shou Sugi Ban House

Shou Sugi Ban House Retreats - callouts

Shou Sugi Bun House is a retreat center in Long Island, NY, and offers custom programming in an enchanting environment for the discerning guest.

This website is based on Wordpress, partly because of the requirements of a custom Calendar.

While we settled for a third-party plugin, we ended up customizing the monthly calendar view interface heavily to meet the client's needs.

The resort offers different types of events, some of which are repeating on a weekly basis.

I designed the interface of a third-party booking engine, providing an easy way for users to select and book events.

My approach of "walk before you run" was embraced by the client. Before settling on a booking engine, I designed a custom contact form allowing users to inquire about specific events.

I used custom javascript to enable in-page and cross-page animations, subtle interactivity and provide a smooth user experience.

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