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RILEY | VERSA is the handbag brand by Melissa Urfirer Gottesman who already had a website but was unhappy with the design and lack of certain functionality.

I re-created the site from scratch, extending functionality to meet Melissa's needs and provide a better user experience.

There were a few challenges, including products that come with an included accessory (a pouch or a cover) which is also available for sale individually. Of course, the product sold as an accessory to another product is the same as the one sold individually, so I implemented a custom solution to track inventory from the same source.

Another challenge was the fact that some products accept monograms – and of those that do, not all variants will. I designed and built a custom monogramming form based on selected products and variants.

Also, even for those bags that include an accessory, Melissa wanted to make it easy to allow customers to add additional accessories from the same page.

We made use of the "product accessories" app by W3 and, with some tweaks and modifications were able to make it work exactly as envisioned by Melissa.

Standard features include swatch images for product variants; selective product thumbnails (based on selected variants); instagram feed integration; product slideshows and scrollers; scrolling animations and more.

RV blog interface animation

Perhaps worth noting is the blog interface that I created with expanding/collapsing content. The type of content and the design didn't really call for a typical blog interface and this seemed like a fun, new way of presenting the 'RILEY VERSA LADIES'.

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