PRGIM owns and manages multiple hotels in Southern California, amongst other commercial real estate. They are also a great client because I was lucky enough to be able to work on many of their hotels' websites. See The Prospect Hollywood, San Luis Creek Lodge and Cambria Beach Lodge, to name a few.

PRGIM home page

A lot of time was spent on the many details that make this website pleasant to use.

It all started with a light homepage loading animation...

... and continued with the slide-in navigation bar as well as global intro animations and page transitions.

navigation bar

about page

The About page features sticky sidebars that pop in at relevant scrolling position; an accordion widget to showcase additional information and lightbox popups to display bios of the stakeholders.

The Portfolio page uses a slideshow within a lightbox to display details about each property in their fold.

portfolio detail page

The site is available at

flat vernacular

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