Maison de la Luz

Boutique Hotel in New Orleans by Ace

Maison de la Luz homepage

Maison de la Luz Guest Rooms page

Maison de la Luz is a custom-branded, luxury boutique hotel in New Orleans managed and operated by Ace Hotel. I was tasked with creating not just a small Web site but also an interface to their Sabre reservation system backend.

The site features scrolling animations, a sticky header that changes format and color scheme upon scrolling as well as smooth fade-ins and page transitions, all in an effort to portray the elegance of the hotel itself.

Booking form
Room selection

Reservation form

The reservation interface handles date selection, promotional codes, availability search and, of course, the selection and the actual reservation of rooms, including credit card transaction, all of which happen without a page refresh (a so-called Single Page Application).

Usability, security and performance were considered at every step along with accessibility and SEO.


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