Check list


Along with our list of often-requested features we have also compiled a check list of tasks and issues to consider when setting up a new website or moving to a new one.

SEO considerations

First and foremost, we consider SEO impact during development. Duplicate content or competing SEO strategies can have detrimental effects on your ranking so we make sure to employ robots.txt and .htaccess settings properly to avoid any conflicts in terms of indexing content for search engines

Hosting transitions

We often move providers when it comes to setting up a new website and this can cause additional headaches if not planned properly. For one, hosting server configurations can be different so we prefer to build and develop on the actual server that the site will be launched on. This means sometimes that the client has to pay for two hosting accounts simultaneously but since we work fast and good, this will be only temporarily 🙂

Along with changing hosting providers comes the issue of DNS. There’s no magic to name servers so we make sure that there’s no down time when we make the switch to launch a new web site.